Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Things I Love About This Week

1. I made MAJOR progress with the holiday obligations festivities i.e. shopping, decorating, Christmas cards, etc.

2. I'm on holiday break from teaching. My class had their final on Monday and I had grades submitted by Wednesday. Overall it was a great 8 weeks of teaching.

3. I attended my first board meeting for Jill's House.

4. I saw the Nutcracker last Saturday and I get to see it again this Saturday.

5. My kids have been exceptionally well mannered lately, as in more helpful and less argumentative. They aren't usually horrible but yes, sometimes they get on my nerves. Every once in a while.... But this week has been great. I'm still relishing the fact that Nicklas folded all his own clothes the other night. (I know I've already mentioned this but seriously guys, he happily accomplished the task and never complained about the chore.)

6. This morning I showered, fed the kids, got everyone out the door, and managed to stop at the grocery store to pick up jimmies for Nick's holiday party at school. I also remembered to have them sign their Christmas cards for their teachers. And I accomplished all of this by 7:15 so we were actually EARLY for school - a rare treat.

(Side note, when I asked the parent who is organizing the holiday party what I should have Nicklas bring, she said jimmies. I told her I was happy to do that but I had to google jimmies to find out what the heck they are. We decided it must be an east coast thing.)

7. I'm exhausted but this is overshadowed by the fact that it's almost Christmas and my boys will be home for the next two and half weeks so I'll probably be getting more sleep that I'm used to.

8. I have arranged to have a friend come to our house when we're visiting family over Christmas. She is going to retrieve all the Santa presents and stocking stuffers that are hidden and put them out so the kids will see them straight away when we get home.

9. My boss just told us that she's giving us all mani-pedi's for Christmas. Super awesome!

10. Not only was my name drawn for a door prize at the HPER holiday luncheon but it was actually one of the first to be drawn. So I got my pick from the loot. I also bid on a few items for the silent auction. I did not win the basketball tickets or the sailing lessons but I did win tickets to the IU Theatre.

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