Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 10 Things That Happened to Me This Weekend

1. Spent QT with Lindsey et al. while celebrating Graves' birthday.
2. Saw two of my friends who are expecting and got to rub their beautiful bellies.
3. Hung out with some Kubat's during a car ride to Indy.
4. Attended the Nutcracker for the second time this year. This performance featured a HPER student.
5. Coveted my niece's awesome purse - purchased for her by Mia when she was visiting this summer.
6. Had long conversations with with Jess, KJ, Kim, Kirby, and Stephanie.
7. Got asked to make a quilt by a friend. I love that she loves my quilts.
8. Saw Nick's smile when hearing he could spend the week with Mimi and Papa. Saw Seeger's smile when hearing he could have a friend spend the night.
9. Reboxed the Smurf's to watch with Seeger during the car ride from Lafayette to Bloomington.
10. Came home to a mailbox full of Christmas cards.

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