Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For

I know Thanksgiving is SOOO last week but I never posted about being thankful. And boy am I thankful for so much.

1. Family, health, career and home. Those are the easy ones but of course I had to mention them.
2. My new cousin who was born this morning. He didn't want to leave his warm mommy (Nick's words, not mine) but he's finally here and everyone is healthy. Welcome little Quinn Patrick - I can't wait to meet you.
3. The Christmas lights in downtown Bloomington. They were lit this weekend and when it came time to pick a restaurant after the football game on Saturday, Seeger insisted we eat someplace that had a window that looked out at the lights.
4. Turkey because it's oh so easy to cook. I hosted Thanksgiving and prepared the turkey, mashed potatoes, eggs, green beans, rolls, and cranberries (sorta - they were from a can) and it was all a breeze because turkey is so darn easy. And it tastes good too.
5. My sewing machine. My machine has been through a lot and 12 years later she's still kicking. She's so dependable - I've never changed her oil or had to replace a part and yet she still runs like she did when I first got her. Sometimes the Polack will ask me if I want a nice new fancy machine but I don't really see the need for one. So until the price of a machine with a stitch regulator drops below a grand, I'm good with what I have.
6. The opportunity to teach this year. It turns out that I enjoy teaching (a bit of a surprise) and I enjoy my students and I'm looking forward to next semester. (And a little extra in the paycheck is nice, too.)
7. Black Friday - I scored great deals on two big gifts this year.
8. My iPhone. Oh, how I love my iPhone. (Even though I want an iPad really, really bad, I'm still happy with my iPhone.)
9. My new black boots that I bought a few weeks ago. I still get complimented on them so I should give a big shout out to Vera Wang and her Simply Vera collection.
10. You, my blog readers - all 112 of you. I know who some of you are but many I don't. Most of you come back again and again (some multiple times in one day!) and though you don't comment often, you are loyal. Thanks for your support.

What are you thankful for?

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Christy said...

One thing I am thankful for is you! You've been an amazing friend ever since seventh grade. Hard to believe we've been friends for more than 20 years. Love you!