Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. I'm not sure why I call this Random Thought Thursday. It's not like what I'm typing is very random. If I typed my real random thoughts, it would look something like this: love mexican so glad i had some oh chips and salsa salt makes me thirsty tony was helpful casa brava tired and should go to bed early won't though its mid afternoon i need chocolate but i never have chocolate around should i get a snack stupid vending machine 90 cents grrr peanut m&m's yum wait no pretzel totally want both.

2. I went to the movie's with a friend last night and someone in the group behind me took off his shoes. With stadium seating, his feet were pretty close to my head so I got a whiff of smelly feet for two hours. I finally got a piece of gum from my friend so that the mint would over power the smell. What's the proper etiquette for that situation?

3. And I totally don't know if it was a guy or girl but I judged the smell and assumed guy.

4. Eating chips and salsa for lunch always makes me thirsty all afternoon - no matter how much water I drink.

5. "These pretzels are MAKING me thirsty! These PRETZELS are making me thirsty! THESE pretzels are making me THIRSTY!" There's a little Seinfeld humor for you.

6. I would really like some chocolate right now. I sometimes visit the vending machine when I'm craving chocolate but they raised their prices and peanut M&M's are 90 cents now. I try to tell myself that I should pretend they're a dollar and it's buy 9 get the 10th free.

7. My senior year of high school, I had a class called Current Social Problems. It pretty much consisted of all the stupid conservative Republican boys beating up on my and my small group of social Democratic friends. We were definitely the minority. Now one of those boys is running for city council in my hometown and I'm doing everything I can to hold back on refuting all of his campaign promises via facebook.

8. The great thing about living in Bloomington is that I'm no longer the minority or seen as the extreme leftist. If anything, I border on moderate/almost conservative.

9. Seeger has started to going to the Boys and Girls Club after school. The bus takes him from school to the club. I'm a little worried - having worked for an after school drop in program, I've seen the clients who come from families where foul language and violence is common. I'm told this is unusual behavior for the Bloomington B&GC. I hope so but I will definitely be monitoring the situation.

10. Nicklas woke me up today at 5:45am. He was dressed and ready for breakfast. I asked him why he was up so early (his alarm usually goes off at 5:40) and he told me that he woke up and showered and got dressed and looked at his clock and realized it was only 2am. He laid down and went back to sleep - thank goodness! It reminded me of this incident.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be at Lake George - the second happiest place on earth.


Christy said...

So what's the first happiest place on earth? Disney World (or is it Disneyland?) or quilt camp?

Also, that Nicklas story totally reminded me of his other early wake up. And they jacked up all the prices in the Purdue vending machines as well. Ugh!

I am SO with you about the city council campaign. Not a fan of the faux promises and also his continued schilling of his current workplaces.

Christy said...

So that should be shilling, not schilling. Totally different meaning, although I think I don't think I really used it correctly.