Monday, August 29, 2011

Seeger at Camp Tecumseh

I've had these photos saved on my computer but didn't realize I hadn't posted about Seeger's week at Camp Tecumseh. To recap, Nicklas did one week of resident camp at Camp Tecumseh in early June. Seeger isn't old enough for resident camp so he spent the week with his cousins Ben and Anna and they all went to day camp in July. He had a great time - not only at camp but also with his favorite family members. (He told me he wants to live with Ben all the time and I can come visit him when I miss him.) When his grandma picked him up on Friday to drive him back home to Bloomington, he was crying because he didn't want to leave. It's good to know he had such a great time!

So the great thing about Camp Tecumseh is that they post photos of the campers every day. I love clicking on the folders and checking out what the campers are up to. It's great. Really it is. EXCEPT when you see pictures of everyone except your child. Then it's frustrating. I stalked the website every few hours and nothing. I saw lots of pictures of Ben and Anna but none of Seeger. Until Wednesday. I finally had plenty of proof that he actually was at camp that week.

Here he is, on the left with the blue freezer pop.

In this photo, he's right in front.

Ben is in the middle, drinking water. Seeger is on the right.

He's third from the left here, and to the right is Ben who is drinking again. Ben must have been a thirsty boy that day.

I'm not sure what game they're playing here - I'll have to ask Seeger about it.

There are a few photo's from Thursday. In this one, he's left of the boy in orange trunks.

He's in the middle with the grey IU shirt.

On Friday, their last day, they had a lot of fun.

Making friendship bracelets. Can you see the bug bite on his face? It swelled up pretty big.

He's the one with towel over his shoulder. I'm not sure what's going on this picture but I think it has something to do with the counselors dressing up as super heros and saving the camp from an evil guy.

Here's another shot from Thursday. I love the group shot. Seeger is in the middle, just right of the counselor.

Camp Tecumseh is a truly special place. I love spending weekends there for quilt camp and I know Nicklas and Seeger feel lucky to go to camp there once a week every summer.

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