Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. How many, a-hem, weeks has it been since my last RTT? Too many.

2. Here's a story to make up for it... I was a coffeehouse today with a colleague (working of course!) when this guy comes up to our table. We were sitting outside so we didn't think much about it. He says "oh, hi" to us so we each think he knows the other person when suddenly the owner busts through the door toward us, yelling at the guy to leave. The guy says okay and walks back to his car. The owner stares him down for awhile and man finally gets in his car and drives off. Then the owner tells us that he's pretty tolerant and accepts most patrons, even if they're weird, but that guy is banned for life. Apparently, he likes to carry a hatchet and go up to the female customers and ask them if they know about the ax murderer that's haunting Bloomington. The owner assured us he was perfectly harmless, but he can't let the guy scare off his customers. It was a bizarre, yet entertaining experience.

3. I still have boxes to unpack in the house. I wonder if we'll ever be fully unpacked. I would have made more progress this week but we've played family Uno almost every night. It's the one game I can beat the Polack.

4. The boys started school two days ago. I think they're excited about it and especially to see their friends. I'm looking forward to the routine however keeping track of timing for everything has been challenging:
6:48 - the time Nick's bus driver says she'll be there to pick him up
7:04 - the time the transportation department says the bus will pick him up
7:28 - the time Nick's bus driver says she'll be picking him up on Wednesday's (the school day is shorter on Wednesday's)
7:40 - Nick's start time for school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
8:25 - Nick's start time on Wednesday
8:35 - Seeger's start time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
9:35 - Seeger's start time on Wednesday
2:55 - the time Nick's school day ends
3:36 - the time Nick's bus drops him off at home
3:50 - the time Seeger's school day ends

See what I mean? I'll have to refer to this blog post every day to make sure I know what starts and ends at what time.

5. My office is organizing the welcome back luncheon for faculty/staff and we're having a dunk tank. I'm all for fun but I think it's a bad idea. (It's not quite the image we want to portray, you know?) Two of the dunkees are notorious pains in the you-know-what so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

6. When we discussed the dunk tank at yesterday's staff meeting, it was confirmed that Mr. Cox's hose is long enough to fill the tank. No one kept a straight face for the rest of the meeting. (And yes, that's typical for our staff meetings where half are spent doing business and half are spent doing things like watching a Tosh.0 episode.)

7. We're headed up north this weekend. We're spending some time at the Lake because I'm going to a birthday party for my mom, plus we are picking up a tractor that my dad is giving us. Our grass mostly looks like this:

But is also looks like this:

8. I want to plant more grass but someone told me that you're only supposed to plant grass in months that have an R in them. I guess I'm supposed to wait until September? Does anyone know if this is true?

9. When Mia was here last weekend, we spent several hours on Kirkwood, looking through the clothing and vintage stores. The Polack found some kickass doc martins and I found a Mrs. Roper dress. I seriously thought about buying it for Halloween but I didn't and now I regret it. I might have to see if they still have it because it would be the perfect costume.

10. I'll leave you with this image:

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