Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nick's Yellow Belt

Nicklas tested for his yellow belt on Friday. Of course easily passed.

It's fun to watch to the testing. Because it was he was the only white belt, he only had to do a small portion of the testing. As they progress, more kids sit out until finally it was just the brown belts who were testing. I always enjoy seeing the forms of the higher level belts.

Here is the group as they are getting to move up. Mia was with us during the test and she asked what happens if someone doesn't get to move up. I couldn't answer because it hasn't happened during Nick's or Seeger's test. The school does a good job of making sure the kids are prepared. (Though I do know it's happened before.)

Yay for the yellow belt! Now Nicklas doesn't have to call Seeger "Sir" anymore.

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