Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best and Worst

Nick's worst - tomorrow is the last day of basketball camp
Seeger's worst - Folds was trying to get him so he pushed him off and
then Folds tried to get him again
Jake's worst - the heat
Kathryn's worst - eating a Burger King Whopper
Cherry's worst - had to drive all the way to Bloomington
Mike's worst - the dryer isn't working and it's going to cost to
switch to LP
Natalie's worst - stupid people at work
Nick's best - making it to the quarterfinals in Hot Shot
Seeger's best - found his Bakugan
Jake's best - seeing the new house
Kathryn's best - drinking an iced coffee that was home made
Cherry's best - spending the morning with her sisters at Lake Hamilton
and then coming to spend time with her family in Bloomington
Mike's best - breaking in the new dining room
Natalie's best - family dinner with lots of family

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