Friday, July 22, 2011

Best & Worst

Seeger's worst - having to eat all his pasta before getting a brownie
Jake's worst - when the wine spilled because he was worried about his
sister's carpet
Kathryn's worst -not seeing Jake all day
Cherry's worst - her legs and feet hurting
Mike's worst - making an extra trip to town because he didn't have a
key but e drove all the way to the storage unit before finding it
Natalie's worst - was super tired this morning
Nick's worst - the thing that happened at basketball camp
Seeger's best - brownie!!
Jake's best - moving everything wasn't as hard as he thought it would be
Kathryn's best - brownies
Cherry's best - sleeping in
Mike's best - finally having a dryer and winning Matt Kearney tickets
Natalie's best - Friday and yummy dinner with the family
Nick's best - getting two tootsie rolls

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