Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. Nicklas is at Camp Tecumseh so I've been checking their website every few hours for a glimpse of him in the photos they post. The first day I saw half of his face behind someone else. I could only see his ear and his face but I recognized the hat he was wearing. I've since seen some better shots, including one of him in the gaga pit. He loves playing gaga so I'm sure he was excited. I've been saving the photos so I'll post them all once the week is over.

2. The Polack and I and Seeger went to the house yesterday. They were finally installing the cabinets and sinks. We walked in and took one look at what was hung and we said, "Uh, those aren't our cabinets - they're too light!" We had purposely chosen the darkest shade available. So the guy calls someone and tells us that those ARE the darkest ones they have. Boy they sure do look different than the 4X5 inch sample we saw. We still love the wood flooring though!

3. Our electrician informed us that the foyer and dining room fixtures that he's putting up will take much longer to install than the half hour he's usually allotted. So he's going to have to charge us $75/hour to get them up. Joy.

4. I feel like we're going to be broke before we even get in the house and have to buy all the stuff we need to make it home. I think those peanut butter and jelly sandwich dinners will be continuing for a few more weeks.

5. Last weekend, we dropped Nicklas off to camp and spent the weekend painting a room in Polack's parents house. The painting wasn't that fun but his mom made several home cooked meals which were super yummy. It's nice to be fed every once in awhile.

6. So Seeger is 7 and you may or may not know that he still has to wear pull-ups at night. They are rarely dry when he wakes up in the morning so they're definitely needed. He's such a sound sleeper so we just let him have the pull up and we haven't really worried about it. His pediatrician in Lafayette told us it isn't a big deal and each year, we would ask if we need to do anything and she would always so, don't worry, let's talk about it next year. Well here it is, seven years later, and we're thinking it's time to do something about it. So this week, we've started waking him up every night at midnight and 3 am and taking him to the bathroom. It's going well, he'll get up and do his business, and go back to bed. And each time, the next morning, he's been dry. Hopefully this will help him and he'll get the hang of things because it's not fun having to wake up in the middle of the night to wake HIM up in the middle of the night.

7. They are doing construction right outside my window at work so each afternoon I get to hear the beep, beep, beep of the machines backing up.

8. Our apartment lease is up in two weeks and I really don't think we're going to be able to move in to the house. I told the Polack that we need to decide what to do with all our stuff for the one or two weeks between residences. I am so ready to start packing things.

9. The Polack, Nicklas, and I went to see the Black Keys in concert last week. We met up with a high school friend and her husband. Amy mentioned that she reads my blog. I didn't realize this but now that I know, I have to give a shout out to her. Hi Amy!

10. Memories of my friend Amy..... hanging out in the rv that her parents bought. We were in elementary school and I think we watched some movies, one being a John Cusack flick. In fifth grade, Amy, me, and our friend Heather, did a lip syncing routine to the Pointer Sisters for our music class. Amy was in color guard one year and I remember during a competition, her flags were laid wrong so she went to get one for a song and it was the wrong one. Instead of using it, she dropped it and didn't use any flag at all. I remember thinking that was smart of her because a wrong colored flag would be way more noticeable than no flag at all. I also remember going to on the French club trip to France with Amy. She was so in love. This was just before senior year in high school and Amy had started dating a guy she'd had a crush on for a long time. The guy was Nick and they've been married now for 15 years. Congrats to them both! They have three boys, one was born just before my wedding, the other two are the same ages as Nicklas and Seeger. It's too bad their three hours away from me and we hardly get to see each other. We definitely need to plan a visit soon.

P.S. After seeing the house last night, we stopped by to watch the Madison Scouts practice. Isn't it so cool of the Polack to hang out with me while I watched their color guard do the same 20 counts of music, over and over?

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Glad you talked Mike into watching practice!