Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. Thanks for all the comments about my update post last week. I'm glad to know people actually read this blog. Not that readership is that important to me... I mostly want to document things that happen so when the boys are older, they have a glimpse into their childhood.

2. The blog is especially important because the tech people at work DELETED ALL MY PHOTOS FROM THE PAST YEAR! This was a mistake, one that they've apologize profusely for but it doesn't change the fact that I'm out several hundred pictures. There is a long explanation about what happened and why they weren't backed up but I'll save you the boring details. The incident has made me appreciate my somewhat regular blogging.

3. When I was in kindergarten - waaa-aaaay back in 1980 - my mom and I drove to Florida with my aunt, her boyfriend, and my cousins. The kids all sat in the back of a red kidnapper van where we played cards and colored and had a really good time. This was before the day of cassette tape decks in cars so we listened to the radio. It seemed like the same 5 or so songs played during the trip and anytime I hear those songs in present times, I'm reminded of that trip. The songs you ask? Celebration by Kool and the Gang, Kiss on Your List by Daryl Hall and John Oats, and Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield are the ones I remember.

4. The #1 song of 1981 was Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes who my dad always called the original Blondie. We went to local IGA once and they were giving out Kim Carnes posters for some reason so I had that hanging in my bedroom until it was replaced by Michael Jackson's Thriller.

5. One last thing about 1981.... remember the glass Coca Cola and Pepsi bottles that people used to recycle? We'd take them to the grocery store and get credit for bringing them in that we would have deducted from our grocery bill. My mom used to stick those glass Diet Pepsi bottles in the freezer. Drinking out of an almost frozen pop bottle (that's right, I sad POP BOTTLE) was the best thing ever.

I miss glass bottles.

6. Today the Polack and I bought all the light fixtures we need for the house. Our checking account is down to $304. Ouch.

7. We stopped by the house yesterday and we have wood flooring. Yay! It looks great but now we're regretting now putting wood down in the dining room. The entry way and kitchen have it so the dining room will look a little strange, being carpeted and surrounded by wood floor.

8. There is a missing 20-year-old student in Bloomington right now and the community has been so awesome at rallying around to look for her. The story has made national news so I'm guessing most of you have heard about it. Anyway, there is a scary/gross apartment complex that our apartment backs up against. Yeah, it's even way worse than where we live. Anyway, one building is on a hill so there is this small storage room under the bottom floor apartment. We can see it from our bedroom and last night, I noticed light glowing from the inside of that room. I've never seen the room open and I've never seen a light shining out from it it so I told the Polack that I'm convinced that's where the missing girl is. It's freaking me out.

I've posted a tip so we'll see if the light is still on tonight.

9. Did I mentioned that Madison Scouts drum and bugle corps are doing their spring training right down the road from my house? Oh, I did... Well anyway, yesterday when we drove by the house to see the flooring (yay!) the flag corps was practicing right by the road. I tried to get the Polack to slow down so I could watch him but he wouldn't. How rude! After we left the house (with the wood flooring - yay!) I asked if I could drive because I wanted to see the practice. The Polack said yes, but only if I didn't slow down a stare like a creepy, old lady. What?! I'm not creepy or old.

I decided to let him drive.

10. I wish we were already living in my house. And I wish my mom or Christy was with me. Both would be my partner in crime for stalking the Madison Scouts.

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Christy said...

You know it. I would totally stop. Maybe you should tell Mike if he doesn't slow down next time you'll make him watch all your marching band videos.