Friday, June 17, 2011

The Polack's birthday at Zydeco's

We celebrated the Polack's birthday a few weeks ago. We always let the birthday person pick a place to eat out for dinner. I never know what to pick but usually Polack has his decision made a few weeks before his birthday. This year, he wanted to try a cajun restaraunt called Zydeco's that's in Mooresville, just a southwest of Indainapolis. It was a 45 minute drive from Bloomington but well worth it. The food was delicious!

The boys wanted him to open his presents right away. Seeger made him this awesome picture. (I love that the picture matches the guys shirt at the table behind ours!)

Nicklas wanted to give him an episode of ESPN's 30 for 30. He couldn't decided which one the Polack would like the most, so he have him a coupon for his choice.

Seeger loved the gumbo. I had a Poboy and it was awesome! I love chrinkle cut fries - my favorite! Nicklas had fried shrimp. I forget what the Polack had, something with crawfish I think. Maybe \etoufee? I don't really know because he ate it all before I had a chance to ask for bite. I'm glad he liked it!

My happy boys! The owner of the place came over several times to check on us and our service was outstanding. The atmosphere is great. When they heard we had a birthday, they made sure to bring us dessert.

Here's their spice garden, right outside the front door. What a nice treat to give out spices to passerby's. Or is it passersby? Either way, be sure to grab some spices when we walk by.

If you're in Indianapolis, you must make a stop at Zydeco's. It's great!


Anonymous said...

Your son's Tiger picture made me smile!
I'm glad you guys had a great night.

Christy said...

I agree about that tiger. It's like the cutest drawing ever. I totally want to recreate it for a quilt.

That restaurant sounds sooo good. I haven't had Cajun food in years.

Oh, and I think it's passersby. Which looks like a really weird word.