Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

This post should really be titled "Update" but since I didn't post random thoughts last week, I'm doing double duty.

Hmmmm... I'm not sure where we left off.....


Last week was pretty normal EXCEPT when the Polack went to do laundray we realized our dryer wasn't working. Argh! We have a nice washer and dryer but when we moved into the apartment, we found out they only have electric dryer hookups. Our dryer is gas. So the Polack got on Craig's List and we purchased a cheap electric dryer to get us through the next year. Except it hasn't been year. That darn $30 dryer only lasted about 9 months. The nerve! So we spent Thursday evening at the laundromat. It's not so bad there - you get everything done at once and it forces you to fold your clothes straight from the dryer - but it cost us about $10. We still have 16 weeks left of apartment living (but who's counting?) and I'm not too excited about shelling out $160 for laundry.

Since we were up late on Friday - we HAD to watch Survivor when we got home from the laundromat - so I didn't get much else done. Like packing the boys for their trip (more on that in a minute). I knew I had to get the packing done by the next day but I volunteered to help chaperone a field trip for Nick's class PLUS I had to work. (That stupid job - always getting in the way.) So I decided to take the day off. This allowed the packing to occur, the field trip, and I was able to get the boys out of school early so that we could make the drive north in time for our dinner date.

The field trip was really, really fun! Fourth graders in Indiana learn state history. When I was in fourth grade in northeastern Indiana, we learned about James Whitcomb Riley and Gene Stratton Porter. Here in the south central part of the state, the students learn about T.C. Steele. We went to his former residence which is now a gallery and has 255 acres of walking trails. It was really pretty and I loved his impressionism pieces. I'm totally taking the family back there for a picnic in the spring.

After the field trip, I pulled Seeger out of school early so we could hit the road. We had dinner plans in Lafayette. We had a few extra minutes so we visited the land. So much had happened since I was last there. There was a big hole in the ground for the basement and they had started outlining it in cement. Our contractor was there so he gave me the run down. Nicklas really enjoyed seeing the cement being poured. (Seeger stayed in the car so he could watch a DVD. LAME!) After that, we drove to Martinsville to pick up the Polack (who was at work) and head to Lafayette. We had planned a weekend for the boys to spend with their cousins so we planned a dinner meet up with the family to do the kid exchange. Nicklas chose the spot - Arni's. Not my favorite but I do love their salads. We had dinner, sent the boys off with their aunt and uncle, hit the liquor store and then headed to the south side of town for Poker Night. Poker! Yay! It was a big game and good crowd. I really, really, really enjoyed seeing all of our friends again. I miss them! I wish they would all move to Bloomington with me!! It's not going to happen but a girl can dream.

The next day, the Polack got up really, really early to travel with his Dad to Washington, Indiana. An IU basketball recruit plays for their high school so the men decided to check him out during a tournament the school was hosting. They left at 6 in the morning so they could see the 10am game. The watched two more games and didn't get home until after I was asleep that night. The Polack tried to get me to come but I wasn't really interested in watching three high school basketball games played by people I don't know. (Or getting up at 5am.) He tried to entice me with a visit to the Washington Quilt Shop (it's supposed to be huge and awesome) but that wasn't enough for me. I chose to stay in Lafayette where I had breakfast with two friends, lunch with another friend, and dinner and games (Blokus and Yahtzee) with another friend. It was a really nice day for me and I needed some friend time.

It was the beginning of Spring Break for the boys so we had arranged to have them spend the week with their grandparents, once they were finished with their cousin's weekend. On Sunday, the Polack and I got up and packed - after I watched Marley and Me because the in-law have CABLE and I got sucked in. (We haven't had cable in a long time!) We packed the car and headed back to Bloomington ALONE (except for Freddie) and it was strange but a teeny tiny bit nice. We stopped a Culver's for lunch (I needed my Culver's fix!) and took our time getting home. We decided to try one of the stops on my Roadside America app. We decided to check out Gravity Hill. It was a fun little detour. Then we stopped by the land again before heading home.

When we got home, we worked out, did some upacking, had a nice dinner (just the two of us!) and then we took a nice walk. We stopped at the Bakehouse for dessert (red velvet cake - yum!) and went to Target to window shop. It was a nice day with just the two of us.

Just a couple of notes... apparently, I ran over my camera on Saturday. I'm not sure how this happened but I think it fell out of my purse Friday night, landing under my car in the driveway. Saturday, I took off for breakfast and when I returned, I saw the camera in the driveway. It looks okay but it won't turn on anymore. Boo! They need to make otterbox's for cameras!

Monday morning, I was awoken very early by the Polack. (He leaves for work around 5am every morning. He's crazy I tell ya!) Remember how I picked up the Polack on the way to Lafayette on Friday? We had forgotten to stop in Martinsville to get his car. Doh! It was super early and the Polack said I could sleep until 6:30 but then I'd really need to get up and take him to work. But of course with the time change, it was really 5:30 and I wasn't feeling well so I told him to go ahead and drive to work himself. (I think I just needed my beauty sleep.) I did eventually get up and ended up taking the bus to work.

It's just the Polack and I this week except he's leaving for Lafayette on Wednesday after work for his annual March Madness festivities. I'm a little bummed I won't be able to join him for random times throughout the two days. But it's okay because my mom is coming to visit. She'll spend Thursday through Sunday with me. We have a wedding quilt to make for my cousin who is getting married in June.

I think that's all for now. Hopefully this update was enough to tide you over until my next post. I do still have some photos to share (pre driveway incident) so I'll get around to doing that one of these days. Enjoy your week everyone!

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