Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Madness

Every year the Polack and his buddies gather at the local b-dubs to celebrate what many consider a national holiday.... the NCAA men's basketball playoffs. They commandeer a few tables in the corner of the bar that are right in front of a large screen tv and have three smaller tv's surrounding it. This allows them to watch every single game of the first round. Yes, you read that correctly. Every. Single. Game. And they have a blast. It's become tradition, with co-workers, family, and other friends popping in and out to participate in the festivities. (Festivities may or may not include making fun of "bracket rooters" and a strange fixation with potatoes on a string.) After watching all 32 games (with strategic bathroom breaks during commercials), the boys end the evening with a montage on impersonations of the mascots of all lower seeded teams that won their games. This is generally quite entertaining, even to those of us who aren't under the influence. Although I did video this years montage, the quality was pretty poor so I won't be sharing it with you. Instead I'll share a tame photo from day two.

Although I didn't formally enter a pool this year, I did fill out my brackets. Unlike every other year, I'm actually doing well with it. And the Polack has included the tournament (as well as some prop bets) in his 2009 predication league where I'm also holding my own for once.

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