Monday, March 23, 2009

Girl's trip

If you feel I've been neglecting my blog lately, well then... you're correct. It's not due to lack of activity - quite the contrary! I was fortunate enough to spend last week on the beach with my bestest gal pals. We enjoyed four days of sun, sand, and margaritas. As much as I missed the Polack and our boys, I have to say the vacation was just what I needed. I've never done a girls trip before. It was so much fun and a nice break from all the responsibility and every day activity of the Kubatski household.

(Although I did feel a twinge of guilt when the Polack sent me an email detailing one evening - soccer practice and a boy scout meeting while fitting in homework, dinner, and time to sand and paint Nick's pinewood derby car. All while Freddie was suddenly refusing to relieve himself outside. Thank goodness for the margaritas which mysteriously eliminates guilt. Who knew?)
Although most of the trip was spent on the beach, there were some note able highlights:
Renting a waverunner and close encounters with two dolphins.
Drinks on the beach.
A bit of shopping (once we finally found the mall).
Drinks at Crabby Bill's.
Jamming to a certain popster-who-shall-remain-nameless.
Drinks at VIP.
A tour of the drugstore to find a special toys to play with.
Drinks at the spinning bar on top of the hotel.
Catching the hotel "band" and shouting out song requests.
Drinks at the cabana.
Rocking it out with the old folks.
Drinks in the hotel room.
Following the drama of a hotel guest who fell from the sixth floor.
Drinks in the parking lot while waiting to be seated for dinner.
A visit to the tattoo place. (For the record, I did NOT get a tattoo. But multiple people I vacationed with did.)

Thanks for the vay-cay, girlies!

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