Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Biography of Ben Franklin

In a November post, I mentioned Nicklas's first independent project for the school year. I included a photo of the poster he created but didn't post his actual paper. And since I posted the Ronald Reagan paper last week, I'm sure you've been hoping I would post the Ben Franklin paper too. Fear not, I'm here to serve!

(Are my attempts at sarcasm coming through? Just wondering.)

(Okay, I'll shut up and get on with it.)

A Biography of Ben Franklin
By Nicklas

Ben Franklin was born on January 17 1706 on Milk Street in Boston Massachusetts.

It was hard to live on Milk Street with 16 brothers and sisters. Ben was the 10th out of 17.

In his childhood Ben always promised to work somewhere until he was 21 but he never did it.

Once his dad told him NOT to work for a man who is named Sir William Keith.

Even though he did NOT go to school for very long, Ben read many books and was very, very smart. He learned about printing and newspapers after taking over for his brother who went to jail.

Ben died on April 17 1790.

Ben did many jobs even though he was mostly famous for being a scientist/inventor.

There are two mistakes (that I know of) that Ben made.
Number 1 - As a 17 year old he made a mistake of running away to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Number 2 - At age 21 he made the mistake of going to England to get some printing supplies. Little did Ben know that it was a trap and he had to stay in England. I think that would be tough, wouldn’t you?

In 1779 his wife died when he was in London.

He was smart, very smart even though he didn’t go to school for very long.

Many thought he was a hero.

Ben was the one who discovered electricity by flying a kite. On a stormy day it got hit by a lightning bolt. This changed the whole world (he did not invent the light bulb that was Thomas Edison in 1879.)

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