Monday, October 25, 2010

Michael Franti and Spearhead

The Polack and I went to The Bluebird last week to see Michael Franti. It was a great evening which kicked off with the opening band that I thought was from Vancouver because they were all wearing flannel shirts (and of course it would be too obvious to say think were from Seattle so I thought of Vancouver instead.) Except when the singer started talking, I realized they definitely weren't Canadian because their UK accent WAS SO THICK I couldn't understand them. And I say UK because I thought they were Irish but the guy next to me said they're from London but he was drunk so I didn't find him credible but I also don't trust my judgment in accents. And between every song the crowd kept shouting WHO ARE YOU? I'm pretty sure they said their name a few times but no one could understand them. Two things I remember about them is A) the pretty blue guitar one of them had and B) the drummer cracked me up because he made funny faces when he played and holy cow did he look so happy to be on stage.

During all this I felt so young because there were a lot of old people there (as in older than me) but as the opening act finished up and we were awaiting Franti, the students arrived and started pushing their way toward the stage. Man, do I hate people getting in front of me when I was there early and suffered through the opener. So I held my ground and threw some elbows and made friends with two girls beside who were on the same page as I was about not letting people in front of us. Except they were drinking Dirty Birds and so even though they said they'd help, they didn't really seem capable. I might have had a Dirty Bird myself.

But none of this mattered because the show started and Franti was AWESOME. So energetic and people were jumping and jumping and dancing and then these two frat boys jumped right in front of me and I was all, "oh, no you don't!" and they were really pushy. And jumpy. And then one jumped on my foot and the Polack got mad and they realized they better not mess with an angry Pole so they moved behind us and I was able to enjoy the show again. Did I mention that Franti was awesome? Cuz he totally was.

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