Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Let the wild random begin!

1. I'm not feeling particularly witty today so I'm worried about this RTT being a dud. What? You mean I'm not usually witty?
2. I keep meaning to call the school systems in the area to find out about their gifted programs. People here are so focused on which elementary school area I want to get a house in. On one hand, I feel the pressure but on the other hand, I don't really care that much. Oh great, I feel like a bad mom, yet AGAIN.
3. Oh my gosh, I just saw an episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Rumer Willis is on it. She's such a terrible actor. Not that the skill level of the rest of the actors on that show will upstage her. Most are just as bad.
4. Mia is Seeger's new favorite. He always chooses her over the rest of us. I least I have a shot at winning him back once Mia leaves in June!
5. It's almost Pinewood Derby time. Nicklas and the Polack are taking it seriously this year. They've bought new wheels, gotten lube, and have purchased weights. Of course Nicklas is paining his car red and white.
6. As much as I love Bloomington, I do feel a bit lonely during the week nights. I'm anxious to integrate myself into the community, meet people, and become an active citizen. But since I don't officially live in Bloomington yet and my kids and spouse aren't around to make it easier to do activities and meet people, it will be awhile before it happens. In Lafayette, I can go anywhere and I usually run in to someone I know. It will be awhile before that happens in Bloomington and it makes me a bit sad.
7. That said, I am getting to know some folks in Uncle Bill's community. I dragged him to a poker tournament that one of his friends hosts each month. Uncle Bill hosts his own poker night each Thursday (that I've somehow managed to infiltrate despite being the only female) but he never goes to this monthly game. It's good for us to get out of the forest and do something social. This month's tournament had 15 people and despite placing 4th (just outside the money - of course) because of a bad beat on the river, I had fun. I think he did too.
8. I'm cat/house sitting for a co-worker so I'm staying in Bloomington the next few days. I think this explains the community minded feelings of isolation. Plus I miss my friends in Lafayette who have accepted the fact that I've moved and they aren't mourning my departure (how rude!).
9. Sheesh, this post is getting pathetic - certainly not the intent.
10. We'll end on a positive note - the Polack and I are going to the prom this year!

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