Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sleep Cycle

I'm obsessed with my new Sleep Cycle app. You put it on your bed, next to your pillow at night and it monitors your sleep cycle. It then wakes you up - up to a half hour before your alarm - during your lightest sleep cycle. So the idea is that you're more refreshed and ready to get up instead of waking at a scheduled time when your body might be in that precious deep sleep. I love that it graphs out your sleep cycle from the night. As you can see from the photo, yep, I was pretty much awake at 5:45. I kept wondering when the alarm was going to go off so I stayed awake for a bit before finally going back to sleep.

I'm very entertained by the fact that almost all my charts show instant deep sleep. I'm the type of person who falls asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. My mom is SO jealous.

Just for kicks and because this is app is SO AWESOME, here are a few more screen shots. You can identify one problem in looking at these. In both cases, I was in deep sleep the entire 30 minutes before my alarm when off. So I didn't get to wake up feeling "refreshed" as promised. No worries though, I still love that I get the cool charts!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

1. Your sleep charts are much more interesting than mine! I fall asleep and then barely register as alive until I get up for an early morning bathroom break and then I'm dead asleep again.

2. I LOVE that other people are nerding out with this app too!

3. I have SO MUCH TROUBLE sleeping in the same bed as my bf so I was excited to use the app when I saw him and sure enough, I slept like crap. I wasn't sure if it was maybe being too sensitive though and registering his movement too but over the weekend I shared a bed with my friend Carrie -- the one person on the planet I'm comfortable sharing a bed with -- and I slept like normal: awake-dead-pee-dead-awake. I dunno what that says about my long term potential with my bf, but maybe Lucy and Ricky beds will be in our future!!