Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Thought Thursday - Double Dose

Okay, okay, okay.... I know I never got around to posting RTT last week. But considering it was Thanksgiving, I think that's, like, one of the best excuses ever. Right? Anyway, to make up for it, I'm posting a double dose this week. Hopefully that's okay with y'all. If you don't want to read everything, check out the quick recap at #20.

1. My kindergarten teacher played the piano all the time. I loved her and loved how much we got to sing in her class. When I was six, I told myself I wanted to grow up and be a teacher. But since I didn't know how to play the piano, I thought this wasn't possible. I actually believed the piano playing was a requirement.

2. Do any of you read Lucky 13 and Counting? This blog is quite entertaining but I've never felt compelled to leave a comment until yesterday's post about Sandi's unmotivated college freshmen son. It really hit home with me and reminded me so much of my younger brother who is 24, dropped out of college because he didn't want to take on student loans, is currently working as a waiter, and has no car. What bothers me about his situation is that he has no motivation to do more than what he's currently doing. I tell myself that he's happy and healthy and that's what matters. I TRY to believe that and remind myself that not everyone has to fit into the lifestyle I feel is appropriate for someone with his intelligence.

3. I love traditional Thanksgiving fare. Why don't we cook turkey w/ the fixings more than once a year? (Maybe you do but I certainly don't. But I should!)

4. I'm considering joining SparkPeople. I want to do it but I'm afraid I won't stick with it. I think I need to psych myself in to it. Maybe I should hop an a scale? That would be motivation I'm sure.

5. I always make sure that the number of posts regarding Nicklas and the number of posts regarding Seeger are equal. I fear being judged as loving one more than the other. Is this valid or OCD?

6. Speaking of.... the other night I was tucking Nicklas in to bed and I said my typical, "Good night - I love you!" Only this time I added, VERY MUCH. And it totally threw him off. He was like, "Why are you saying that? What's going on?" I was surprised and explained that I just wanted him to know how much a love him. Then he asked who I loved more, him or Seeger. So then I went into the whole - I love you both equally, you're both special in your own way. Then HE said, how are we special in our own way. It ended up being a 20 minute conversation which is probably a good thing because I never get to converse with Nicklas one-on-one for that length of time. But dang, I felt pressure to say the right things.

7. I wish I was quilting right now.

8. My new favorite iPhone app is Lock 'n' Roll. It currently overrules my fascination with crocheting.

9. I don't read to Seeger nearly as much as I read to Nicklas at that age. Bad mommy.

10. Mia bought a snuggie last weekend. Bahahahahaha!!!!! She said she loves it but she wishes it had pockets. And a belt to keep it wrapped around her. I was like, "They make those. They're called ROBES."

11. I love ska. Why don't I listen to more ska?

12. I don't know if I can believe in karma but I truly believe things work out the way they're supposed to.

13. I'm surprised at how many people have commented on my Little People post. Brenda's kids are so lucky for getting to play with vintage Little People! maybe they'll invite me over to play sometime?

14. I really want to listen to Christmas music but it's hard to be motivated since I haven't even begun to decorate my house.

15. I'm feeling very blessed to have wonderful family members who are always willing to help the Kubatski's out when needed. (Yes, I'm sucking up to the in-laws right now for reasons that will be divulged soon.)

16. Next week is the fall finale of GLEE. I hope you've all be watching - at least those of you who have been a part of the show choir family. It's a great show.

17. The Polack and I booked a trip to Vegas with some friends. Vegas baby, Vegas!

18. I still haven't figured out how to handle the boy scout popcorn incident. Money is due Sunday so I need to get a move on it. I was hoping the magical boy scout prince would come take care of everything for me but unfortunately, that hasn't happened. What? What do you mean there's no boy scout prince? Why didn't anyone tell me that?!?

19. What a difference a generation makes regarding technology use. We got our phone bill the other day. Mia sent over 3000 texts in one month (compared to my usage which is around 400). Her voice usage? ONE MINUTE. For the whole month - that was it!

20. Summary: Snuggies are funny, I have great childhood memories, there are ways I fail and succeed as a mom, quilting/iPhone apps/ska/Vegas = awesomeness, and holy cow 3000 texts seems like a lot.

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Wendy said...

#5 - I'm leaning toward OCD, but I do see where you're coming from.
#6 - Having one boy and one girl makes this conversation MUCH easier. At least I think it does?
#9 - Ditto. And when Mallory didn't read as early or as fluently as Hayden, I thought I had ruined her. She's catching up now, though! Whew!
#10 - LOL! I have a Slanket. For those who don't know - it's the original Snuggie, marketed only on QVC, and it's AWESOME.
#11 - I started listening to it the day BEFORE Halloween. There is no wrong time to listen to Christmas music. It makes you happy!
#18 - This is a terrible thing. But I hope you have learned - ALWAYS make a copy of the order form! ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

#4. Join. It's free, so you have nothing to lose (except the obvious...weight you don't want).

#14. I Think you've got this relationship backwards - putting on the christmas music is what gets me wrapping gifts, dec'ing the tree and TODAY baking cookies. (Although it will have to be off for Purdue Basketball time, of course).
Thanks for the shout out to Unsolicited Opinions...your randomness somehow seems more random, though. I'm just a cheap immitation. ;P

Dan said...

#12 - Are Karma and fate linked together? I'm not up on my eastern religions. Regardless, I'm not big on the predestined thing because I don't understand who (or what) decides how things "should" be. Our situation is based partly on our decisions and on randomness. If you treat others well, they will treat you well (for the most part), but no actions of ours decide where the tornado will hit. My life plan is to be nice and keep my head down.