Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boy Scouting

Nicklas received some awards recently during Boy Scouts.

I would be cheering this however Scouts is a sore spot in my world right now. It's popcorn delivery time. We have two boxes of popcorn, sitting in our hallway, waiting to be delivered. So what's the problem, you ask? Well, I've somehow misplaced the popcorn order form. So I don't know who the popcorn goes to. At all. Or who paid. Or what they paid for. Troubling because checks from our neighbors have been cashed. People are expecting their popcorn. So my action plan is for Nicklas and I to load up the wagon and go to the houses we know purchased popcorn. We'll knock on the door and ask for help in identifying what they purchased. And then we'll ask for payment (which they may or may not have already provided.) Can you say awkward?

This is just another example of how my brain hasn't been functioning lately. I'm so forgetful and unorganized. This is a recurring problem and I fear it's a sign of getting old. It's little things like forgetting to pack Seeger's lunch. Or not thinking to send Nick's birthday party invites out until six days before his party. OR LOSING A BOY SCOUT POPCORN ORDER FORM! (Okay, that's actually a big thing.)
I told the Polack I've been spending too much time playing Bejeweled and not enough time doing Sudoku.

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