Monday, November 30, 2009

Monster Mini Golf

On odd number year birthday's, the boys get to have a big birthday party to celebrate growing a year older. This year was Nick's turn and he decided he wanted to invite his class to his party at Monster Mini Golf (an indoor themed miniature golf course).
Except for one mini tantrum during musical chairs, the kids all had a great time.
In addition to musical chairs, the kids played wrap the mummy.
We invited some younger siblings so Seeger would have some kids his age.
Even Mia got into it!

After the games, it was time for cake.
Every year, I bake the kids' birthday cake. And every year, I do worse than the previous birthday and tell myself I'm going to buy a cake next time.

But the kids don't seem to care. Or wait, are they laughing at a funny joke or my sad cake?
And of course, we opened presents. Nicklas scored some cash and gift cards so he was happy about that.

And finally, it was time to golf.

Halfway through the course, everyone sang happy birthday to Nicklas over the microphone.

While the kids were waiting to be picked up, they played arcade games and redeemed their tickets for prizes. Hayden (whose mom blogs here) was a big winner!

It was a fun - but exhausting - day! Nicklas has made one purchase with his gift cards - a new nunchuck for the Wii. He's saving the rest until after Christmas. I suspect he might be hoping to have enough to buy a Nintendo DS - something the Polack and I are adamantly against. We'll see what happens...

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