Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The day after the first day of school...

It's nearly midweek and the Polish family is settling in to somewhat of a routine. As predicted, Nicklas has enjoyed the start of third grade and is especially complimentary of his teacher, Mr. Cole. Seeger is loving Kindergarten but getting up in the morning is a bit of struggle. He is not a morning person! These first days have been fairly easy because he's so excited but I expect that as the newness of riding the bus and going to "real" school wears off, I might be in a bit of trouble. For now, we're insisting on 7pm bedtimes which he's not happy about.

Mia seems to be transitioning well into her American high school. She has had a lot of homework - something she's not used to. She came home on the first day a little blown away by all the English she had to process. With homework and soccer practice she is quite busy and I fear she isn't getting enough down time. Hopefully we'll have a quiet weekend. She has decided to stick to French III and commented that when she's translating, she can always go from French to Norwegian but then realizes she has to do the English translation. This is a bit more difficult for her. She is working hard on her math right now and we're hoping that she adjusts to Algebra II. She very much enjoyed her drama, current social events and issues, and parenting classes. She's received a few more invitations for the weekend - one to attend the first varsity football game of the season (which happens to be an hour drive away) and the second to go to a drive-in movie theater, something she's never done. At this point, we're holding off on making plans for the weekend and just hoping to get through the week. Personally, I vote for some down time at the pool but we'll see how that turns out.

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Melissa Mix Hart said...

Wow, your boys go back to school early. They must get out in May?