Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation - in the middle

After the Fourth, we spent a week at the Lake with my Grandma. The boys spent a lot time swimming.
And riding the Sea-Doo.

Seeger caught a fish with his new fishing pole. I'm not sure how he did - he somehow hooked the gill of a pretty good size bass. We weren't really paying attention until we heard him yelling, "I got one! I got one!"

Monday afternoon the Polack and Nicklas ventured to Detroit to catch a Tigers game. Seeger and I stayed behind. We took Grandma out to dinner. My dad and his wife joined us. After dinner, my dad helped Seeger light some sparklers.

One evening we took the boys miniature golfing.

Our only big mishap occurred when we took Nicklas tubing. We were on the Sea-Doo and stopped in the lake, trying to get him set up. I wasn't being careful with the tubing rope and it got caught in the impellor. The Polack was quick to shut off the engine and we ended up swimming everything to shore. Someone let us put the Sea-Doo up on their lift so we could get under it and get the rope untangled. We had to cut it out but got it cleared safely with no harm to the Sea-Doo. (Which belongs to my aunt and uncle. Thank goodness there was no damage!!) I didn't fair as well. When we were still in the middle of lake, trying to see how bad the rope was, I fell and bruised my leg pretty badly. Luckily it's my upper thigh so it's easily hidden.

We also spent a day at Cedar Point which was Nicklas's absolute favorite thing we did. More on that in my next post!!

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