Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation - Cedar Point

Growing up, I went to Cedar Point pretty much every summer. I have always loved riding roller coasters. I still do for the most part, although I sometimes take a bit longer to recover. Nicklas and the Polack like roller coasters more than I do so it was only fitting that we took a day to visit "America's Roller Coast". Nicklas could ride all but two of the coasters. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to all of them all. The upside is this gives us another reason to visit.

Seeger wasn't tall enough for anything but the Junior Gemini. Check out Nicklas in the last car!

The boys waited in line for the Matterhorn by themselves. The Polack and I were off riding one of the coasters Nicklas couldn't do and my mom stayed with the boys. Apparently just before getting on the ride, Seeger tried to chicken out. Nicklas talked him into trying it one time and promised him he'd have fun. And of course he did. What a great big brother! They rode that ride a few times.

My brother tagged along for the day. He and Nicklas decided to ride Thunder Canyon. Nicklas was excited about riding without his shoes.

This is a photo of the Wicked Twister. We didn't have a chance to ride this, nor did we ride the High Speed Dragster or the Maverick. (I may or may not have gotten those names correct!) There's always next year!!

At the end of the night, we let Nicklas choose the last ride. He picked his (and mine!) favorite coaster - the Millennium Force. Here's a great photo as we were making our way to the line.

It was a great day despite the fact that I lost my phone while riding the Magnum. I think it fell out of my pocket when I was getting off the coaster. I'm pretty sure someone else has a brand new iPhone of their own. It was only six days old!

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Heather T said...

The only time I ever went on the Millenium Force was eight years ago when it was relatively new. I was hyperventilating before we even got to the crest of the first lift. I am NOT a roller coaster person ;-)

I am SO SORRY about your iPhone. I lost my cell phone on a roller coaster too. Mostly I hated realizing that I was at a roller coaster park and suddenly didn't have my cell phone. The park never found it...