Thursday, July 23, 2009

I almost forgot!

I can't believe I almost forgot about Random Thought Thursday. I seriously don't know what's happening with my brain lately. I'm forgetful, I can't complete a sentence, and I've stopped planning things. (Meaning I'm usually on the ball, predicting when we'll run out of toilet paper, who needs to pick up Nicklas at what time, how we'll arrange someone to watch Freddie, etc.)

Man, it's rough being 34.

Anyway, I better get on with it before I forget what I'm posting about....

1. People need to remember bathroom etiquette. If a gal is using one of the six available stalls, don't choose the stall right next to her. There are others that are further away and maintain a little more privacy. Am I right or am I right? I'm told urinal etiquette dictates the same.

2. What a cool summer it's been. As in physically cool. The air even smells like autumn. I went to work today thinking it would be a great day for a football game.

3. We bought pool passes and darn it, we're not using them enough. Unless the Polack takes the boys every day next week, we'll have paid less by purchasing individual tickets rather than buying a season pass.

4. I HATE not getting my money's worth. I can seriously turn psycho. When we went to Cedar Point, my mom asked what time we would leave. Seriously mom? I paid freaking $170 for our tickets. We're staying the whole damn day!!! When we went to Disney, we were there from the time the park opened until the fireworks.

5. Seeger used freaking in a sentence the other day. As in, "That's freaking funny." I wonder where he heard that term?

6. Did I mention that the building I work in as been infested with mice? Everyone is finding nests in their desk drawers and someone even found a nest with babies. Eeewww! I've found two nests in my office. The building is only two years old and it's warm enough outside that the university pest people are scratching their heads. They weren't doing anything about it so we set our own traps and threatened to get some D-Con. That got their attention and now they're on it. (We've even caught one with our traps. Double eewww!)

7. I LOVE my new sewing area. Love it, love it, love it. An orange and yellow room is super cool!

8. Why does all furniture on Craig's List look old, outdated, and gross?

9. I finally got to see The Hangover. So funny!

10. We're going to the Lake for the weekend. Our third trip this summer - yippee! My aunt from New York is visiting so we'll get to spend some time with her.

That's 10 folks. Don't forget to send me your answers to the blogaversary giveaway. Seven days and counting. I have an awesome prize in mind for the winner!

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