Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preparing for Mia

With less than four weeks to go until our exchange student Mia's arrival, the Polack and I spent the weekend getting the house in order. We've moved the office/sewing stuff out of the fourth bedroom so we can begin setting it up for her. The closet in that room is huge - seriously, it's about 24 square feet - so it took the better part of a day to clean it out. Yesterday we picked up a bed to set up and in the next few days, I'll sweep and dry mop the floors and we'll bring up the dresser we have stored in our basement. It's slowly turning into a fourth bedroom!

Since we use our living room as the family hangout, our family room was fair game. We decided to turn it into a workcenter. We set up our computers and my sewing stuff. I'm so excited to have my sewing stuff downstairs. You can see a photo of it on my new quilting blog. I've decided to maintain two blogs - one personal and one for my quilting.

Getting in the spirit of things, Nicklas decided to prepare for Mia's arrival too. He made the Norwegian flag and I think he plans to take it to airport when we pick her up. We're all getting very excited!

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