Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Random Thought Thursday

It's that time of the week again folks. You've all been waiting on the edge of your seats for my third RTT, right?

1. Now that I've finished the Sex in the City series, I need a new series to watch while I'm quilting. Any suggestions?

2. Final exams are finished so campus seems so deserted right now. It will be nice for awhile but by July, I'll be ready for the students to return.

3. I have two trips to Austin, Texas this summer. If I'm going to visit Texas in the summer, at least its Austin!

4. Nicklas and the Polack only have 9 more days of school left. Nine days! Yay summer.

5. I hate Cancer. Cancer sucks. I want to do more to support Cancer research and help find a cure. I gave to a friend who did a 3 day Cancer Walk and I'm walking on June 13 for my cousin's 3 year old son who has Cancer. But it's not enough. I need to do more.

6. I hate it when people don't r.s.v.p. to events so I feel especially guilty that I was four days late in sending my response for a friend's wedding. (It's all because I'm carrying a really cute purse that happens to be much smaller than my last purse. This means it can't hold the bills/documents/paperwork that I'm used to carrying around so I don't go through that stuff as often as I'm used to. Oh! - maybe I should by a new purse? Brilliant idea!!)

7. It's been several months since my last trip to Bloomington, Indiana and that makes me sad. I think a trip should be scheduled soon.

8. Is anyone else having trouble getting Facebook to load lately? Sometimes it pops up all pretty and happy to see me. Other times it takes forever to load and then I get that dreaded Internet Explorer "page not found" message. Super. Annoying.

9. Does anyone else get freaked out by the live traffic feeds that some blogs have? You know, the ones that say someone from Lafayette, Indiana just arrived from such-and-such blog. They list information about everyone who has visited that particular blog. I don't WANT to know that information. I don't NEED to know that information. And I don't want others to know MY information.

10. I'm the only person in my house that knows how to change the toilet paper roll. This seems like a pretty easy task that anyone over the age of five should be able to do. But apparently, that's not the case. I've always been particularly sensitive to this topic. When I was about 8 years old, I was sitting on the toilet, doing my business when I reached over for the toilet paper. The roll was empty and a new roll was out of my reach. I called out to my mom and dad for help, asking them to get me a new roll. I was told to get it myself. So I did and when I was finished, I put the roll back in the cabinet. I figured, if no one wants to help me out, than let them see what it feels like. Of course, the plan backfired when my dad went to use the bathroom later that day. I believe he grounded me for a week. Twenty-six years later and I still think I was right.


Beth said...

Natalie I love West Wing. It is an awesome TV series. I loved Austin when I lived in Texas. Make sure you visit 6th street at night for the bar hopping.

Lucy Jane said...

BROTHERS and SISTERS, I say that with ALL caps because I love this family.