Friday, May 15, 2009

Pre-K graduation

Seeger went through his Pre-K graduation this week. And I did an excellent job of not breaking down into tears! His class performed several songs for us.

Then they put on their caps and gowns and marched around. They were all so cute!

Next, they received their diplomas. After announcing each name, a teacher would say a little bit about each child.

I was so proud of him!

I know he'll miss his friends but he's really looking forward to kindergarten next year!

Since the Polack couldn't be there for the event, I recorded one of the songs they performed.


B-Izzle said...

OMG cutest thing with their caps and gowns and little diplomas. I am so proud of you for not breaking down!

Christy said...

I totally agree. He could not be any cuter. Congrats to Seeger!