Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ronald Reagan presentation

In the midst of school troubles for Nicklas (which aren't really affecting him because he has no idea the Polack and I have been talking to his teacher recently about his struggles), we received some positive feedback from his teacher today.

The class has been working on their second independent project. They were asked to choose a President or First Lady to research and then were required to write a two page paper (answering 10 guiding questions) and do a dramatic portrayal of their subject. Nicklas chose Ronald Reagan.

(We were a bit disappointed as we would have loved him to pick FDR, Kennedy, Obama, Clinton, or many others. Of course, his reasoning for Reagan is because his favorite movie is Back to the Future and since it took place in 1985, Reagan is mentioned in the movie. His reasoning wasn't as bad as a classmate who chose James Garfield because she loves Garfield the cat.)

Anyway, he did a good job on his paper (although it was a struggle to get it to two pages, single spaced) which was due yesterday. (At least we think he did well. We'll see what actual grade he gets.) The dramatic portrayals were scheduled for today through Friday. Nicklas felt ready so he volunteered for the first day so he could get it over with. And this morning, I received the following email from his teacher:

Nicklas did a SUPER job with his Ronald Reagan portrayal this morning! I am proud of him!

Not only that, but he was also the brave soul who volunteered to go first. Because of that, I had him choose which Magic School Bus episode for the class to watch today; he was pleased (we watched one about bats).

We are super proud of him and are rewarding him with dinner out tonight so we can celebrate. He gets to pick the restaurant. (Send "no McDonald's" vibes my way, please.)

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