Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Second grade - post two

I've calmed down a bit since my last post regarding Nicklas and school work. After rereading his teachers email, I finally sent a response explaining I was surprised with her feedback. I stated that his homework has been going well, I haven't seen evidence of struggles on the papers coming come, nor has he talked about any problems. She replied that she didn't mean to alarm me and that while he has struggled a bit with the recent geometry unit, she and the teaching assistant have been working with him. Her specific feedback:

He seems to be having trouble with following directions, doing some tasks in his journal, copying from the smartboard, etc. He has mixed up "7" and "1" and, when I asked him to take another look at the problem and read it again, repeated the same thing, which is why I asked to have his vision checked. On a couple of occasions, he has required one-on-one help from me or [the teaching assistant] to complete tasks when no one else in the class required help. Of course, that is what I'm here for; I don't mind! If he's able to go on and do homework without any more confusion, then we're taking care of it. It's just that I have wondered about his perceptions re: what is being taught because his responses have been odd, on occasion. Also, I was surprised because it was Nicklas who seemed confused when I would have anticipated it being other, less strong math students instead, and they were not having difficulties. Maybe Nicklas is just marching to his own different drummer; if he ends up knowing the material, that is the goal and we should not be concerned.

We will discuss this more during the meeting we have scheduled where I also want to look at the work and grades she has for him for the current nine week period. We were able to get his observation with the special education teacher scheduled for tomorrow and our meeting with his teacher is on Friday. I took him to the optometrist yesterday and he passed with flying colors. So we can rule out eye sight as an issue.

More to come next week...

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good luck with all this, Natalie!