Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mmmmm.... donuts....

So the other day, Mike, the boys, and I went to visit our new puppy. We are eagerly anticipating February 10 - the day we bring home Freddie. (Like the name? I picked it out. It was between that and Artie and although we decided to go with Artie, for some reason, I would say Freddie every time I talked about him. Thus, Artie wasn't meant to be.) The boys loved playing with him and it was nice to meet the breeder face-to-face before actually shelling out the dough. You can tell she really loves her dogs and cares where they end up.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. (I know, I know - how is that possible? I ALWAYS take photo's and I even had my camera with me. But for some reason, it never occurred to me.)

It was a two hour drive there and another two hour drive back, mostly on back roads and through small towns. On the way home, we stopped at a Subway/Dairy Queen/gas station for lunch. I HATE eating fast food from gas stations. In fact, I rarely do it. But with the Get Fit Challenge and lack of choices, Mike and I felt Subway was the best option.

After finishing his food, Nicklas asked if he could go to the bathroom. Of course, the only restroom is the gas station one - super gross, I'm sure. After a few minutes, he hadn't returned so I went to check on him. This is what I saw....

He'd gotten side-tracked by the donut display on his way to pee. He was just staring at those silly donuts, oblivious to everything else.

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