Saturday, January 17, 2009

A maltipoo for you...

I finally decided on the breed of our next dog. Drumroll please....

It's a maltipoo!!!

I wanted a dog that was smaller and one that doesn't shed much. I've done tons of research and made a pro/con list on several breeds that I was considering. And the maltipoo won, hands down.

That was the easy party. After deciding on the breed, I spent hours looking for a breeder to buy from. It was tough. I wanted a good breeder but someone who wasn't charging $2,000. I wanted someone I could visit prior because I wouldn't trust having a dog shipped to me. I finally found someone who I feel really good about. She's two hours away. She only breeds maltipoos and malteses. She is the owner of both parents, neither have medical concerns. She really cares about her dogs. We emailed back and forth several times and she was so patient in answering all my questions. And her vet raved about her.

So the family and I are going to visit her puppies on Monday. If all goes well we'll put a deposit down and once we return from vacation in three weeks, we'll go pick up our puppy. I'm super excited!

Here is a picture of one the puppies from the recent litter. She has four boys and one girl available. KEY-UTE!


Beth said...

Who is the breeder? I am looking at Maltese and I am looking for a good breeder.

Natalie said...

Hi Beth - We are using a breeder in Plymouth, IN. Her website is and I believe she has some maltese puppies available. She's a very caring breeder - totally in love with her dogs and concerned about the homes they're placed in.

We put a deposit down on ours and will pick him up when we return from vacation on Feb. 10. We're all very excited!