Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today is Thursday and tomorrow is the last day I'll be at work until January 5. I'm rather excited to have the next two weeks off with Mike and the boys. I've been scrambling to get things in order and feel okay about being away from work for two weeks. Running my own program makes it pretty easy as I can set my own deadlines. Tomorrow will be busy though. My students have their final presentation and I have to get their grades turned in since I won't be in the office next week. I also have two meetings and the weather folks are reporting a big ice storm headed our way tonight. Nick's school has already cancelled the Christmas program for tonight. I feel like it's all a little premature but we'll see. (The last time the school cancelled evening activities for reported thunderstorms and high winds, NOTHING happened.)

On the home front, everyone else is finishing up activities/school this week and looking forward for the holiday to officially begin. Mike and I had debated driving to Fort Wayne for a Christmas party on Saturday but ultimately decided to stay home since we'll be driving that way on Tuesday. This means we have no plans for the weekend. Yes, you read that correctly... We have NO PLANS. I honestly can't remember the time we haven't had any weekend commitments. I'm looking forward to finishing up the shopping (I have just one or two more things to get) and wrapping and doing some quilting. I'm making a few gifts this year and my work keeps getting put on hold for things like dinner and swim team practice and holiday parties and baking and what not. I'm sure our weekend will also be filled with lots of game playing and movie watching. I can't wait!

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