Friday, December 19, 2008

I *heart* the 80's

Mike and I are sitting here drinking wine and watching the Fall Guy. We finally finished the first part of season one and my brother has loaned us the second part. I'm also eating peanuts and M&M's mixed together which is my favorite. As you can tell, I'm in a good mood, in part to the fun evening we're having but also because today was my last day of work for a few weeks. Hubby time, vacation, wine, M&M's, and the Fall Guy - what more could a girl want?

Speaking of the Fall Guy, my obsession may be getting a bit out of hand. I changed my Facebook profile picture to an image of Lee Majors, I can't get the words to The Unknown Stuntman out of my head, and today Seeger and I were playing around and I was pretending to take punches in the face from him. Someone asked me what the deal was with my love of everything Fall Guy. I'm not quite sure. Yes, the acting is bad. Yes, the plots are flimsy. But I loved that the show didn't take itself seriously. And Colt Seavers is awesome! A man's man (which would drive me crazy in real life but is fun to think about in fantasy world) with the GMC truck with the Fall Guy license plate, the big belt buckle and outdoor tub, tucker's hat, and ability to take punch. All during an era when things were simpler. (Granted, I was 7 when the show first aired.) Oh, and I found out that Lee Majors went to IU on a football scholarship but was kicked out for getting into a fraternity fight.
I was chatting with a friend who reminded me of another 80's tv show that I loved.... The Greatest American Hero. As a little girl, I had the biggest crush on William Katt.

This show may be next on the list!

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Christy said...

Ah, I remember the Greatest American Hero, but I never watched the Fall Guy. I have both theme songs on a CD full of TV stuff. :)

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode when George did the Greatest American Hero song on his answering machine? Nice!