Monday, December 22, 2008

Seeger Potter

We went to the Jeff HS basketball game the other night. It was tied with 5 seconds to go and Jeff got fouled and hit one of the two free throws. When New Castle got possession, they somehow managed to score to beat Jeff by 1 point. Bummer.

During the game, Seeger took some pictures including this great shot of a fellow blogger.

He also went through my purse and wanted me to take a picture of him wearing my sunglasses.

And of course since he looked so cute, I took another picture of him with my glasses on.

Obviously, the camera prevents boredom. (And obviously Seeger and I are easily entertained!)

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Stephanie B. said...

Thanks for the blog shout out! I feel so honored. I feel like I must explain that the pictured 2.5 yr old is not my Nathan, but his buddy, River, who was over for the night participating in our first slumber party. Hanging out with you and Seeger to talk Thomas was a highlight of the evening!