Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm currently in between hair stylists and it's been awhile since I've had my hair done. I had a hair cut two months ago but I haven't had highlights done since this summer. My hair has been looking pretty dark so I decided to bite the bullet and get highlights.
I have the best girlfriends ever. Since I'm cheap and I didn't want to pay salon prices, they agreed to come over and do my hair.

Bonus, Melia - the cutest baby EVER - tagged along!

Three and a half hours later and I was blond again. My hair is much lighter than I thought it would be but I love how it turned out. (Every time I see myself in a mirror, I ask Mike if it's getting lighter. He promises it's not!) I had promised to post a picture right away so the giries could see it dry. Please excuse the lack of make-up and fact that I didn't "do" anything with it. I'm on vacation and you're lucky I'm even taking the time blog right now. :)


Bethy said...

Wahoo!! I LOVE it. Sorry i couldn't stay longer to see how it turned out in person. I was sad on my way home, but was cheered right up when i opened christmas gifts in front of the fire :)

Merry Christmas bestest!

Julie said...

:o) I am so happy it turned out and you like it. I think the color turned out great - it is light, but a pretty blonde. Thanks for trusting us with your hair (and for posting the pics so soon).