Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas parade

Sunday was the annual Christmas parade in Lafayette. I've never been (because really, who wants to stand outside for an extended period of time in 20 degree weather?) but this year, Nicklas participated with his boy scout troop. I didn't realize it but apparently the Lafayette Christmas parade is the biggest Christmas parade in the state. (Maybe because most people agree with me that standing outside in 20 degree weather isn't fun?)

Nicklas was very excited about participating. It wasn't a requirement and I asked him several times beforehand if he was sure he wanted to sit on a float in 20 degree weather. His enthusiastic yes's caused me bring out the big guns - I offered to take him to see Bolt instead. (Did I mention I didn't want to stand outside in 20 degree weather?) But he really wanted to be in the parade so I layered him and Seeger up, dug out our heavy gloves and our scarves and hats and we headed to the drop off point on 12th Street. (I case you're wondering, Nicklas is holding the state of Idaho. He alternated between treating it like Iowa and turning it on its side and pretending to shoot it like a gun.)
I wasn't sure how Seeger would do in the parade but told myself if he got cold, we'd head to the car and wait it out. He decided he wanted to walk beside Nick's float so we ended up walking the entire parade route. From 12th Street, all the way downtown and over the bridge to West Lafayette. Seeger walked the entire way! Here's Seeger toward the end of the parade. He was very excited to be crossing the bridge.

And here is a shot of the icy Wabash River.

Did I mention it was only 20 degrees outside?

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Anonymous said...

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