Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seeger's Christmas show

Last night was Seeger's Christmas program. We got there early to get good seats because I wanted to take lots of pictures. This first picture is of Nicklas and Grandma working on his spelling words (we like to multitask!)

Seeger's class did a puppet show and then sang two songs. His puppet was the brown dog just left of the white blobby thing. (I know it's impossible to really see anything in this picture - I'm a sucky photographer.)

As I mentioned, I planned to take lots of pictures of Seeger singing. And I did, I really did. But none of them really turned out. (Very unfortunate, especially when they sang my favorite song, Away in the Manger - to hand motions.) I didn't have my camera on the right setting and there were all of these other parents - parents who arrived later than me and had to stand in the back - who took it upon themselves to walk up the aisle and video tape/record the performances all while blocking the view of those who arrived early for good seats. Super annoying. I did finally get a picture of Seeger on stage though.

You'll notice he's shoeless. Yeah, that's because he was complaining about his feet hurting in his nice shoes. I'm not sure why - he normally wears a 9 or 9.5 and the shoes were size 10.5. But I took them off so he's stop walking hunched over. Really, I just think he doesn't like dressing up. He insists on wearing "soft" pants (ie athletic or sweat pants) and shirts every day.

After the performance, the families were invited to enjoy punch and cookies. Poor Nicklas kept choosing cookies that had mint in them! He managed to eat some chocolate chip though. Seeger also found some that he liked.

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