Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Change is Coming...

It's no secret on who I voted for in the latest election. I've been a huge Barack Obama supporter and followed his campaign more than I've ever followed other presidential campaigns. During the primaries, he made a stop in Lafayette. Mike and I were desperate to see him and waited in two huge lines to attend (one to get the tickets, another to enter the venue where he was speaking.)

(It was a historic moment for both us to witness - one we'll never forget.)

At that rally, Obama collected hundreds and hundreds of email addresses as well as opinions about how he should run his campaign. He instilled hope and faith in the political process for myself along with the nearly all of the other 2,500 attendees. The energy in the high school gymnasium that evening was electrifying.

(And this was just one little campaign stop. Imagine the millions of others who became engaged due in part to the grassroots efforts of the Obama campaign.)

Then after the rally, the email's began. I paid attention to them at first. They contained links to video's of Barack or his campaign advisors, updating me on the campaign. But each email also contained a plea for funds. Give $20 to fight this negative ad or send in $25 to ensure that happens. And a few times, I did make a contribution. But after a few dozen of these emails, I stopped paying attention. The barrage of almost daily fundraising appeals began to take its toll. Eventually, I stopped reading them. (Don't get me wrong, my support never wavered. It's just I began to take a bit of hands off approach to things.)

I figured that once the election was over, the emails would stop. This hasn't been the case. They don't come on a daily basis but the Obama team is continuing to utilize email as a means of communication. And today I received one that reminded me about why I chose to support Barack Obama as President. Change is coming, according to David Plouffe, Obama Campaign Manager. And you can make it happen.

Barack Obama is asking everyone to attend Change is Coming events around the country. He wants to know what we envision for the future. Feedback from each event will be collected by his staff.

What the...? The future President wants to know what I think???

I don't know even know what to say. I'm speechless.

(Although I can still type.)


Okay, now I truly believe it.

Change IS coming.