Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'd like to present....

I'm done!!

I'm done, I'm done, I'm done.

I just finished my Sunburst quilt. The Kaffe Fasset inspired quilt I've been working on since July. And I'm super excited. I love the way it turned out and bonus, I finished it before the new year so I can add it to my stashbusting points. What do you think of it?

In addition to finishing my quilt, I've had quite a busy day. After a late start (I'm really starting to get used to sleeping in every morning), I posted my blog. Then I cut Seeger's hair. He wasn't happy.

But he was okay with the end result.

After the haircut, I fed the boys lunch and we planned the afternoon. Seeger wanted to go to the library and Nicklas wanted to ride the bus to the mall. We compromised and decided to ride the bus to the library. After a 3/4 mile walk from our house, we made it to the bus stop.

It was a fun trip. We talked about the benefits and downfalls to riding the bus and the boys really enjoyed the experience.

Finally! Our destination.

After the bus trip, we picked up one of Nicklas' friends who is spending the night. The boys played well together and it was a great evening. I even did all the laundry. (Well, almost - there is still one load in the dryer.) That's right, I'm a rock star.
There is still another hour left in the day. Maybe I'll work on my next quilt?

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Christy said...

The quilt looks awesome! I love it so much. And it's huge ... I didn't realize it was so big. Go you!