Monday, December 29, 2008

FINALLY - the Christmas 2008 post

I'm warning you up front. This is a LOOOONG post, mostly consisting of pictures. We attended five family Christmas celebrations and I'm attempting to put them all in one post. And since there are some family member who weren't able attend the celebrations, I took lots of pictures. So without further ado.... the five Christmas celebrations....
The family Christmas
Nicklas and Seeger baked cookies for Santa (with Mike's help) and got the milk and platter ready.

The next morning... Santa arrived (a day early, no less)!

After opening presents, the boys go on a treasure hunt through some Disney books to find out that we're going on a trip to Florida in February.

Christmas with The Gallogly's

Our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve (at my grandmother's house on Lake George, Indiana) with my dad's side of the family. I come from a large family - my dad has four brothers and sisters and my mom has six. This means lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I've always felt fortunate for this and the fact that both sides of the family still get together during major holidays. At the Lake celebration, Nicklas played Santa.

Christmas with my dad
After the Lake Christmas, we go to my dad's to have Christmas with he and his wife.

Christmas with my mom
We leave my dad's on Christmas Eve and drive to Fort Wayne to spend the night at my mom's. On Christmas morning, we wake up, eat cinnamon roles and open presents with my siblings.

Christmas with the Kubat's
We schedule Christmas with the Kubat's around work schedules of my brother-in-law and father-in-law. This year we celebrated on the 26th and Mike and I hosted. I realize now I didn't get many pictures - probably because of the hosting gig - but I did manage a shot of all the presents. The in-laws said they were going to cut back this year. Can't tell, can ya?

After presents, we managed to get the kids to settle down long enough for dinner. They actually sat and ate. It was a Festivas miracle!

And finally, the last shot of Christmas. While I was out Christmas shopping, I saw these sweaters at Old Navy and HAD to buy them for the boys. They didn't love wearing them, especially twice in three days but I didn't care - they were so darn cute! Don't you agree???

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