Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick rant

I just want to point out my frustration with my blog template. For some reason, I can't format the way I'd like.... I put spaces in and then when I post, the spaces disappear. I delete spaces in one section and they get deleted in another section. SO FRUSTRATING! I'm a stickler for layout and consistency so it drives me bonkers. (I'm telling you this so you realize it's them, not me when you see weird formatting!)


Christy said...

I feel your pain. I like my layout, but the size of my writing area drives me nuts. Just right for vertical photos, but it always cuts off part of my horizontal ones unless I run them smaller. I was trying to figure it out last week, but then got frustrated and quit.

Your Christmas photos are super cute, of course. :)

Lisa said...

I saw your icon over at the B&W quilt challenge and followed it over here. (I'm in that.)

I just love your Kaffe Fasset quilt and I really like your best/worst idea. I have two little boys, also, and I think that is a cool thing to do at dinner time. Thanks for the idea!

Oh! And I also hate it when I try to put the spaces in and Blogger takes them away. Or cuts words in the middle and puts them on the page weird. What's up with that?