Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seeger's haircut

Seeger got a haircut. And I hate it. For the record, I LOVE Seeger's hair. I know many people who don't but it's amazing how many compliments I get from strangers about how much they love it. (These are usually complements from people in their 20's and 30's. I wonder if its a generational thing?) Anyway, this is a before shot. (Don't you love the picture he's holding? It's a train he made with finger paint at school. All the other kids spread the paint around, making messy scribbles. Not Seeger, he made a TRAIN. Cuz he's a rock star.)As you can see, it's getting a bit long. But it never looks good after it's just been cut so I've been putting it off. PLUS... now that it's getting colder out, the dry air means the curls start to go away. So unless I want to do Seeger's hair every morning, it's flat all day. But regardless, it was time for a cut. And now I hate it. It's shorter AND it's flat. Here's the after shot. (He's holidng an ice cream cone because last week at school, they studied the letter I.)

I'm thinking about chopping it all off. But I know I'll regret it.

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