Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seeger is a rock star

Seeger is a rock star. I say this because I've just returned from chaperoning his Pre-K class field trip to the farm. Since I rarely drop him off or pick him up from preschool, I don't witness how he interacts with the other children in his class. But today I spent two hours with the group and came to the conclusion that he is really is a rock star. He's like the cool kid in the class. The guy everyone wants to be friends with but who doesn't care, thus making him even more cool. Like I said, a rock star.

I immediately noticed his coolness factor when the children were being divided up into groups based on who was riding with which parent. I hear Jack say, "I want to ride with Seeger." Jessica immediately pipes up, "No, I want to ride with Seeger." Unfortunately for Jessica, her mom was driving. She was not happy about having to go in her mom's car instead of riding with Seeger. As Mrs. Maris divvied the group, Drew, Kyrin, and Mary all clapped when they found out they would be going with Seeger and me. Now, I didn't think much of this, figuring their desire to be with Seeger was only a reaction to Jack's initial comment. You know, like when one child wants something, suddenly the rest do too.

But while we were at the farm, Claire was very adamant that she was going to climb up onto the tractor first. That is until Seeger said he wanted to. While pushing the other kids out of the way, she made room for him to go first. And then there was Max. When we were at the farm, the class was divided into two groups but Max somehow migrated to our group, even though he was supposed to be with Mrs. Maris. When Mrs. Maris came to retrieve him, he told her he wanted to stay in Seeger's group.

The final clue came after the kids finished seeing the animals. They were sitting at a table, eating their snack when Jaeden's mom approached me to tell me how much Jaeden loves Seeger's hair. Apparently out of the blue during dinner one day, Jaeden began talking about Seeger's hair, commenting on it's length and curls. According to the mom, "Jaeden just kept say, "Seeger's hair is so COOL. It's just so COOL!'" She's now letting him grow his hair out like Seeger.

The funny thing is, Seeger is totally oblivious to the attentions of others. His coolness is effortless as he goes on doing his own thing and being his own person. I'm not sure where the cool comes from. It's safe to say he didn't get it from me or hubby or even big brother. But everyone who meets him knows there is something special about him. (For the record, I think there are special things about ALL children. I just think Seeger's specialness stands out a bit more.)

So all these weeks, I've been feeling like the neglectful mom who spends all her time working instead of staying home with her children. And really, I'm the mom of the cool kid.

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Beth said...

I love Seeger!!