Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hubby and I are addicted to Scrabble lately. (Actually, I think I'm the one with the addiction. He's just playing to appease me.) It's rare to find an activity where I do better than him. (Actually, it never happens. The man beats me at EVERYTHING.) I'm in the lead in overall wins so I'm hoping to keep the streak going.

Or I could quit while I'm ahead. But what fun would that be?


Christy said...

I went through a serious Scrabble phase a while back. I have the game on my Mac, and I would play obsessively! I've definitely cut back now though.

Natalie said...

We aren't very good players. We have pulled up and we type in random words based on the letters that we have to see if anything works. It does about half the time but I'm guessing serious players would chide the practice!

B said...

we play all the time! We have a dictionary on hand, but typing random words into is cheating. Cheaters!
Maybe next game night can include a scrabble showdown.