Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy weekend and no time to write

It was a busy weekend, full of lots of activities, but right now I don't have much time to write much less post some pics. A quick recap, we unexpectedly spent Thursday in northeastern Indiana for a funeral (drove there and back in a day), Friday was a regular work/school day but we had to pick up $800 worth of boy scout popcorn, then go to a work dinner (host bar - bonus!) and hubby took me to see Twilight. The alarm went off at 5:30 am on Saturday so we could get up and tailgate for the Purdue/IU game. It was lots of fun but VERY cold. I had a bit too much fun before the game so a friend took Seeger and me to her house to hang out. Saturday evening was poker night (bad move on our part, we were exhausted and a little loopy) and Sunday evening was Nick's birthday party for the family. We had to go the grocery store, finish buying his presents, wrap his gifts, and make and decorate his cake. Oh and cook for everyone. We got it all done and somehow managed to watch Thursday's episode of Survivor (the funniest episode EVER). It was a fun - but exhausting - weekend.

I have so much to do at work today and tonight hubby and I are going to see Susan Tedeschi in concert. (And I just found out Seeger has some sort of weird rash so I'm taking him to the doctor.) So the only real reason I'm posting is because of my NaBloPoMo commitment. I hope to write a "real" post tomorrow. Must get to work - cheerio!

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