Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ricardo Lozano

I love our Ricardo Lozano print. The Polack and I discovered this artist during a visit to a New Orleans art gallery in the French Quarter. That was 2003. We fell in love with his vibrant colors and the energetic way he conveys the life and music of New Orleans.

During that visit, The Polack and I were just getting interested in art. We would have loved to purchase something but his paintings ranged from $1200 - $2500. I had just started a new career and Hubby was still in school. There is no way we could afford to shell out that kind of dough.

But after several years, we realized Lozano's art was about the only art we both loved enough to purchase. Individually, we could find things we were interested in purchasing. But together, we never agree.

In all our travels and visits to other cities, we never saw another Lozano. And we couldn't find his work on the internet, nor did we know what happened to him or his work after Hurricane Katrina.

And then last spring, I travelled back to New Orleans for a work trip. I made my way from gallery to gallery, combing Royal Street for any sign of Ricardo Lozano. And when I had nearly reached the edge of the French Quarter, I looked into a gallery window and saw what I'd been looking for. Excited, I went in to discover over a dozen paintings of his on display. I talked to the dealer. Yes, he was still painting in New Orleans. Yes, he and his work survived the floods. Oh, and you can only purchase his paintings exclusively in New Orleans. Also, the cheapest painting offered is $5,000.

Yikes, what a jump in price. I guess that's what they mean when they say art is a good investment. After leaving the gallery with my head hanging low (cue in Charlie Brown music), I returned the next day for a final peek. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I decided to purchase a screen print of a piece he had done in 2004. So I bought it and with framing and shipping it cost a total of $400. The Polack and I don't live a rich life. We don't rub shoulders with people who care about a screen print versus the real thing and even if we did, WE certainly don't care. And now we're the proud owner of a Ricardo Lozano (print 856 of 1,500). And we LOVE it.


Laura said...

Good for you!
I love when I find something I've looked for in the past and then forgot about! ;)

todd said...

When I went to New Orleans back almost five years ago (pre Katrina), I also fell in love with his work. I've been searching high and low on the internet for years trying to find out what happened to him and his amazing paintings. Thank you for the update. If you have any information as to where I can purchase his screen prints (fellow non-art snob), please email me at

Thank you!

Steve B said...

I've visited New Orleans many time, i love the city. My soon to be wife and I went down there soon after our engagement in 2001. We were looking for a piece of art to be my engagement gift(why should the girl have all the fun). I too fell in love with his work and bought one of his medium sized works for $600. A year or two later I went back and an equivalent piece was about $3000. I'm glad (for me) that his work is up to $5000. Not that I would sell it, it's just nice to know.

Lisa said...

Hi there, just wanted to say that your story is almost exactly the same as my husband and mine. We had seen his work about 4 years ago and just went back last weekend and scoured for his work again. Finally found it at Riverstone Gallery. We were lucky as it seems the prices have dropped dramatically. Also, everything is 30% off right now. It is great how a piece of art can unite people isn't it? I hadn't even remembered his name but knew it the moment I saw it again.

Anonymous said...

From Ken in Stockholm

This morning again I spend 10 minutes to discover my Ricardo Lozano painting. Out of more than 35 paintings hanging on my walls is Mr Lozano that get most of comments from my friends. I spend 2 weeks in NO for the jazz fest this year 2009, was walking around the different galleries to find a painting that remainded me about NO. When I saw Mr.Lozano it gave my body some good vibrations. Today when I look at my Ricardo painting I smile and feel happy.

Anonymous said...

You should contact the gallery (I think the name is Riverstone Gallery). My wife and I just bought a large piece by Lozano for half off. The same painting we saw in 2007 was still there in 2009 - that's the one we purchased. Good luck!

Gert said...

I have the same print and i love it
We bought it in 2008 when we where in OL. Nice print nices colours !
Great choice.

Gert said...

I sorry we bought the print at Riverstone Gallery in OL

And is now hanging in Holland

Mary said...

My husband and I bought the same print and also a matching one with yellowish, gold background.

You have great taste!

Anonymous said...

Yes Lozanos work is great but the truth hasn't been told as I was a former employee at both 719royal and at riverwal loc.the owner Steve chang always erased writtn higher numbers on prints lowering without tellin customers exspecially Jazzfest$$$
Also personally pant the cat in window if one was originally not their! Also prices n his art are at what Chang thinks he can get! Look at your price it was rung up 3x the price he ever paid you paid for the frame which cost more than the "oil orignals" only cost $3oo-small to 6oolarge the 72x34= $1200 and he charged 7200!!!

Anonymous said...

English please.

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

I am obviously way late to this post, but we have #695! :) I was just looking for information on the artist because someone commented on my blog asking for info on the piece. In my search, I came across this post! We love ours too! We lived in New Orleans for five years and went back for a wedding, fell in love with the piece and bought it. :)

Christopher said...

It's rare to find such a great artist with virtually no press. I was in New Orleans, in 04 and stumbled into the Riverstone Gallery. Ricardo's paintings were so unique, and soulful, that they stood out from the other great artists work in the gallery. I purchased a large piece and am still as moved by the painting as the first time I saw it. I search for news on Ricardo from time to time and rarely find anything current about him and would love to know more. Does anyone know where to find new, relevant information about Lozano? said...

I, too, have been searching for information about Ricardo Lozano for nearly a year. The Riverstone Gallery is very secretive about the information the give out. They said they only had one original of his and one print. The print is one I already have and the original was beyond my curret budget. Was looking for some smaller originals or prints to compliment the print I have. I saw a print at an on-line auction a few months ago. It was an all blue solid background with just the horn blower. When I went back to bid on it I could never locate it again. Drats! If anyone comes up with info on him or where more of his work is available, please keep e in the loop! We need to start a fan club!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for information on Ricardo Lozano and this blog came up. I have three of his prints that are matted and framed that I am looking to sell. We originally purchased them in New Orleans at Riverstone Gallery. They are "Waiting for Love," "Where She Lives," and "Midnight Jazz." They each have a window and a jazz player and the backgrounds are primary colors. Framed they are 24" x 39" vertical. We love them but don't have the wall space any more. If interested email me at

Greg said...

This is great. I, like Cybil, purchased 3 of the numbered and framed prints back in 2003. Ever few years I search google to see if anything comes up regarding these prints. Glad I found your page. I have Midnight Jazz, Waiting for Love and Where She Lives. They are all side by side in my office now. Greg

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Jeff Button and I run one of Riverstone Galleries' locations in the French Quarter. Thank you all so much for your business and continuing support for Ricardo Lozano's artwork.
I have just found this website and want to update some of the information on the artist and our galleries. We have moved to 537 Royal Street, New Orleans LA 70130
and currently we operate 4 locations in New Orleans.

The above print titled "Jazz in New Orleans" is sold out and it was our top selling silkscreen.
Ricardo currently resides in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and he is married (finally) and has a cute little daughter.

We exclusively represent him here in New Orleans and have many original oil paintings (about 70 beautiful examples in varies sizes.)

We are open 7 days a week and our email address is Please email or call us if you have any questions. Thanks again.


PS. We never had any employees who can not speak or write English lol

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I keep calling the Riverstone Galleries but all the numbers are out of service! Do you know if they are out of business? My boyfriend and I visited from LA and we really love the artwork!