Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Seeger has never been into puzzles. This strikes me as a bit odd, probably because hubby and I have always loved puzzles and Nicklas had mastered puzzles at age 2. We have so many children's puzzles and I continue to suggest them as activities for Seeger. But he promptly rejects me and asks me to build a train track instead.

(I love to build train tracks for Seeger which I suppose is sort of like building a puzzle since it sometimes takes some reworking to get them to connect. And of course, finding the right pieces to use among the scad of train engines, freight cars, stations, and other train paraphernalia that all thrown together in a ginormous tub is like looking for those border puzzle pieces you use to get the thing started!)

So I was excited this past weekend when Seeger got out a few of the puzzles I've kept on his toy shelf. He had a friend over to play with on Saturday and he watched her do a few. Then on Sunday during his quiet time, he got out a few more. Our Sunday was pretty busy so I wasn't able to help him but on Monday morning, we brought one downstairs and with a little guidance from me, he put this together.

I must admit, I'm somewhat relieved that he did so well with the puzzle. I think I took his refusal to do them in the past as a sign of a lack of ability or knowledge about completing the task. Nicklas is such an obvious smart kid. Seeger is very different. He isn't as vocal and it's been harder to determine his cognitive skills. But knowing he can put together a puzzle has provided a small victory for me. Yay, Seeger!


Christy said...

Cute! And a train puzzle ... I should have known. :)

Ian, Julie, Melia, & Simon said...

I love Seeger. I think he's going to be a good artist and very creative. He seems a bit of a free-thinker like me. Let's schedule a time for family photos when the leaves start to change. I envision your boys in a pile of colorful leaves...