Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hide and ????

Last night's dinner conversation....

Me: "Seeger, eat your chicken, please."

Seeger: "But I don't like it."

Me: "Seeger, you haven't even tried it. You have to least take one bite."

Seeger: "But I think I did." (Touching his forefinger to his thumb.) "I think I had one little bite."

Me, inspecting his chicken to verify that indeed, he did NOT take a bite: "Seeger, you did not take a bite of that chicken. That was a lie and you should never lie. Now take a bite please."

Hubby, using his dad voice: "Seeger, take a bite of your chicken."

Seeger, taking a bite of his chicken: "Mmmmmm.... I think I do like this chicken!"

Hubby and I, laughing: "Good, we're glad to hear that."

Seeger: "I think I also like to play Hide and Sink."

Hubby: "Hide and what?"

Seeger: "Hide and Sink."

Hubby: "I think it's called Hide and Seek."

Seeger: "Hide and Sink."

Hubby: "Hide and Seeeeeeeeeek."

Seeger: "Hide and Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink."

So after dinner, while hubby took Nicklas to swim practice, Seeger and I played Hide and Seek. He was so cute - every time I went to start counting, he would tell me he was going to hide in his secret, special hiding place. I'd remind him that he isn't supposed to tell me where he's going to hide so then he would choose a new place.

And no, no one hid in the sink.

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